Company Culture Takes Center Stage in Noodles' New Branding

Uncommon Goodness centers on how the company treats its team members and creates a unique guest experience.
Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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Noodles & Company, has revealed its new brand positioning, Uncommon Goodness. 

Through Uncommon Goodness, Noodles is bringing its purpose to life by elevating the uncommon goodness that has been core to its brand for more than 25 years. From how the company treats its team members and creates a unique guest experience, to how it carefully selects ingredients and positively impacts the communities it serves, Noodles infuses Uncommon Goodness into everything it does. 

“Uncommon Goodness,"  Stacey Pool, chief marketing officer at Noodles & Company., says, is " a positioning that encompasses everything we stand for as a company,” said “As we introduce Uncommon Goodness, our mission and values remain the same: to nourish and inspire every team member, guest, and community we serve. The positioning puts into words what has always been innate to our brand while strengthening the emotional connection that our team members, guests, and communities already have with us.” 

Over the next several weeks, Noodles & Company will bring Uncommon Goodness to life through new team member benefits,  a new exclusive offering for Noodles Rewards members, LEANguini, a high protein pasta available through May 18, and a new campaign.    

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Uncommonly Good New Team Member Benefits 

Already recognized as an industry leader when it comes to team member benefits, Noodles is proud to introduce new team member programs and benefits that underscore its commitment to enhancing its inclusive and diverse culture. This new lineup of team member benefits highlights how Uncommon Goodness permeates every aspect of the company with new benefits including: 

·       Immigration reimbursement: To assist team members in renewing, obtaining, or supporting work authorization, citizenship, or immigration status, Noodles & Company will reimburse team members up to $500 every two years to aid them with fees associated with their immigration or work status journey. 

·       General Manager Equity Partner Program: Noodles general managers now have the opportunity to enter a General Manager Equity Partner Program. Based on meeting specific short and long-term performance objectives, those who qualify will receive $50k of restricted stock units upon three years from entry into the program. 

·       Noodles Balance Bucks: Noodles incentivizes assistant general managers and above to invest in their mental, financial, and physical health through Balance Bucks, an annual reimbursement for qualifying expenses (up to $625). Team members can receive reimbursement for expenses that directly tie to their mental, financial, and physical wellbeing. Examples of covered expenses include gym membership, pet adoption, cleaning services, and more.  

·       2022 quarterly mental health series: Noodles will host quarterly live virtual and in-person mental health workshops focused on equipping leaders with the tools they need to take care of themselves and their teams. 

·       Noodles Resource Groups (NRGs): Noodles is proud to introduce its version of Employee Resource Groups or Affinity Groups, called Noodles Resource Groups (NRGs), with two new NRGs: PROUD and THRIVE. PROUD is focused on the LGBTQIA+ community and allies, and THRIVE is centered on providing a platform for BIPOC team members and allies. 

·       Uncommon Goodness Ambassadors: Noodles is hiring a team of Uncommon Goodness Ambassadors who are tasked with doing uncommonly good things for Noodles guests in-restaurant, digitally on social media, and through in-person activations within their communities. 

Introducing The Biggest Fan

“You’re going to see this come to life through our new campaign that introduces Noodles’ Biggest Fan, an uncommonly delightful and quirky guest who embodies why our brand is so unique and unexpected. And this is just the beginning—you will see Uncommon Goodness guide the way we behave as a company as we infuse even more Uncommon Goodness into everything we do,” she said.