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万博体育苹果下载 Appellation Hotels Open with High Tech Marketing, BOH Software

New hotel brand prioritizes tech stack to ensure ROI on personalized marketing, frictionless purchases and easy-to-use BOH software.
Appellation Healdsburg Lobby and Restaurant
Online Check-In

Online Check-in Creates More Space for Personal Interaction

万博体育全站手机网页登录 By using the right technology hotels can save time in administrative work resulting in increased efficiency and creating more time for personalization and personal interaction with guests. 
a couple with their suitcase at a hotel front desk

Mezli Launches Fully Autonomous Restaurant

Mezli will be celebrating the grand opening of its fully autonomous robotic restaurant, located in the Spark Social food park in San Francisco, on August 28.
Mezli exterior

Content Hub

WATCH Key takeaways from Jon Taffer's keynote. Learn how restaurants are deploying drones, robots, and unique, cost-effective delivery models, thought leadership from industry leaders and much more!  

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Customer Engagement Technology Study

What do hospitality customers really want from technology? After more than a year of disruption, the human touch — assisted and augmented by innovative solutions — is more in demand than ever. We’ve crunched the numbers to reveal all the ways that guests are redefining “value.”

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